Small Animal

We welcome walk-in customers for small animal routine vaccinations, exams, medical conditions, and emergencies. We perform a variety of surgeries from routine spay and neuters by appointment to more specialized and emergency surgeries. Our clinic also offers after-hours care for our clients.

  • Preventative Care: We offer vaccinations and preventatives for cats and dogs.
  • Diagnostics: With the ability to perform in-house blood work, radiographs, basic ultrasound, and many other diagnostics, our staff can diagnose common conditions quickly for you and your pet.
  • Reproductive Medicine: We offer ultrasound for early pregnancy diagnosis as well as radiographs after 45 days for litter counts. Our laboratory is equipped for same day progesterone levels, semen evaluations and estrus (heat) detection. We can collect semen and artificially inseminate to assist with breeding. We perform surgical procedures including c-sections for dystocia and puppy tail docking and dewclaw removal.
  • Dental Care: By appointment, our doctors and technicians perform routine cleanings, dental extractions, dental radiographs, and more.
  • Surgery: By appointment, our doctors perform a variety of surgeries including routine procedures such as spays and neuters to growth removals and much more. Dr Brennan offers extracapsular lateral suture repair for cruciate ligament tears, femoral head osteotomy, and luxating patella repair. Please stop in for a consult/exam to determine if we can provide the surgical procedure your pet needs.