Large Animal

We offer large animal services that include reproductive, preventative care, heard health, disease and medical treatment, surgeries, and more. A variety of products for treatment and preventative care such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and much more are available at our clinic. Please call to schedule an appointment. We do offer after-hour services for our clients.

  • Herd Health and Treatment: By appointment, we offer a large variety of services to evaluate health status, write health papers, process and vaccinate cattle,and treat illnesses of cattle and small ruminants. We offer in-house and/or reference laboratory blood work to best diagnose your animal. We perform basic routine care for equine such as vaccinations, health checks, coggins and diagnostic testing.
  • Disease Treatment: We have the ability to diagnose and treat common diseases, pneumonia, bloat, mastitis, weak animals, parasites, and much more.
  • Reproduction: We are trained and equipped to diagnose pregnancy, aid in dystocias, and semen checks. We have the ability to ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle and small ruminants as well.
  • Cosmetic Dehorn: Dr. Sandy performs cosmetic dehorns by appointment.
  • Surgery: Our doctors perform a multitude of surgeries including prolapse correction, c-sections, claw (toe) amputation, enucleations (eye removal), lacerations repair and much more. If you are looking for a specific service not listed above, please call 515-961-6201.
We ask that all large animal services are scheduled. All services will be charged a barn fee (office call) or a trip charge based on distance. If you are looking for a specific service that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call. We do offer after-hour services for our clients.