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The Indianola Veterinary Clinic (IVC) was founded in 1952 by Dr. Harvey Arand, who worked primarily with livestock. The clinic has transitioned over the past 55+ years into a full-service mixed practice treating dogs, cats, livestock, horses, and more.

We welcome walk-in customers for routine vaccinations and emergency care. All surgeries are by appointment. Spays and neuters are offered, as well as in-house blood chemistry analysis, x-rays, gas anesthesia, and dental ultrasonic cleaning. Boarding is by appointment.

Surgical Drop Offs only at 7:00 am
Doctors available at 8:00-5:00


24-Hour Emergency Service for large & small animals, please call 515-961-6201

Boarding by Appointment

Large Animal Practice

The IVC large animal practice is primarily cow-calf. Services include pregnancy checks, help with calving, calf processing, and emergency work. There are cattle-handling facilities at the clinic. Appointments are recommended for large animal work.

Our Veterinarians

There are four veterinarians at IVC, all with 20+ years of service. Dr. Jenni Stumpf is a graduate of Simpson College and Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is originally from Rolfe, IA. Dr. Robert Freese is from State Center, Iowa, and is an Iowa State graduate. Dr. Brian Brennan is from Indianola and is also an Iowa State grad. Dr. Brennan’s father, Dr. Joe Brennan, was a long-time veterinarian at IVC before retiring.

A doctor is on call 24/7 for emergencies. Call 515-961-6201 after hours and the call will be diverted to a cell phone.

Indianola Veterinary Clinic, LLC | 2201 N Jefferson Way | Indianola IA, 50125 | phone: 515.961.6201

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